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The EU Data Protection Directive 2009/136 / EC and the born Danish Cookie Executive Order (the "Cookie Act") require all website owners in the EU to obtain informed consent from the user before anything other than strictly necessary cookies are placed in the user's web browser.

See also the Danish Business Authority's website for information and guidance.

Session cookies
At we only use strictly necessary cookies, so-called "session cookies", which are temporary text files which are stored in your browser's sub-folder, but which are deleted again when you leave or close your browser.

A session cookie does not contain any personal information and is solely for the purpose of enabling to recognize your browser session when you change pages: then page changes can happen faster because and your browser do not have to exchange nearly as much information about how a page should be displayed in relation to the first time you visited Such cookies are exempt from the cookies law, but we have nevertheless chosen to inform you about this for the sake of good order.

If you choose to reject cookies on, ie. select "no" for cookies (if your browser is set to request it), or if you block cookies for in your browser setup, you will still be able to see the pages, but page breaks will only be a bit slower as its .dk can no longer recognize your browser session and thus must treat a page break as if you were a new visitor.

Persistent cookies
Persistent cookies, neither from ourselves nor from third parties, are used on here on

However, it may happen that websites that are linked to from (eg the booking system) use persistent cookies on the pages you are directed to, which is why you should be aware of this.

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